Welcome to Ukraine! – digital escape game




The country of Ukraine has been in the news recently, but many people don’t know anything about the people or culture of this beautiful country. This digital escape game will help your students to learn about the culture of this country – it does not address current events at all, but instead focuses on the culture of Ukraine. My hope is that by playing the game, students will be able to appreciate Ukraine and its people as more than just refugees being forced to flee their homes.


For each game sold, I will be donating $3 to the World Central Kitchen. This non-profit organization is currently working to provide meals to those who are now refugees in Poland.


The game includes access to a website where your students will hunt for the keys to unlock a set of locks.  Students will need to read the clues very carefully and watch videos, visit websites, and read texts to find the information they need to win the game.  Very easy to use – just send your students to the website and let them work!  Students can play individually or in teams.



This item includes:

  • Access to a website where your students can play the game
  • Complete teacher’s guide to playing the game
  • Answer key so you can help students if they get stuck!


Your students will enjoy learning without even realizing that they are learning!  The challenging game format will get them excited about finding the code to unlock each lock – and the format of the clues for each lock will have them paying close attention – there’s no way to solve the puzzles without being 100% focused!


Topics in this game include:

  • the Ukrainian language
  • clothing
  • Easter eggs (pysanky)
  • food
  • music
  • religion

$3 from each sale of this game will go to the World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that is providing meals to the refugees who have fled their homes in Ukraine.