Prisoner in the Bastille Passe Compose Digital Escape Game


Here’s a digital escape game that is a fun way to learn about French history AND the passé composé at the same time! Your brother in law has been falsely accused of a crime – and now he’s locked up in the Bastille. In order to free him, you’ll have to use your French skills.



Here’s a passé composé digital escape game that is a fun way to learn about French history and culture AND practice forming and using the passé composé at the same time! Your brother-in-law has been accused of a crime and is being held in the Bastille prison.  The only way to free him is to find the real criminal – but you will have to use your French skills to do so.


To find the keys to free the friend, students will have to answer questions based on a video and a written passage, plus practice using both the passé composé. Activities are in French, with a little bit of English to help make things clear. Includes both avoir and être as helping verbs, regular and irregular verbs.

This passé composé digital escape game  includes a detailed teacher instruction guide with answer key and a link to access the site. Students will need access to the Internet/YouTube in order to play the game.  Students will enjoy this game as a fun way of practicing the formation and usage of both tenses.


A summary of what’s included:

  • teacher’s guide with instructions and answer key
  • access to the game website
  • reading activity – read a passage and answer comprehension questions
  • conjugation activity – choose whether to use avoir or être to form the passé composé
  • reading activity – put the events in the order they happened
  • listening activity – watch and listen to a short video about July 14 and answer the questions
  • writing activity – form he correct passé composé of the verbs in a letter

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